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I’ve been purposely eating fewer animals recently.  What began as simply a health-related decision has been further reinforced by the issue of morality.  I have compassion for living creatures that are unknowingly sacrificing what they hold most precious – their life, in order for us human beings to survive.  It begs the question of whether or not it is even necessary.  Think: TRUTHOLOGY.  At the very least, can the line can be drawn at a more reasonable and sustainable point?  I believe so!  Animal agriculture is killing millions of animals for food each and every day….well into billions of animals per year.  Take a moment and consider how many preserved dead animal carcasses are literally scattered around your community at supermarkets, restaurants, household refrigerators, etc.  It’s a pretty morbid, yet fascinating thought. This is our socially accepted reality….which is particularly stunning considering the negative consequences of animal agriculture to our health and the health of our planet.  Evaluating your diet and decreasing your consumption of animals by one meal per day, just one, is not a very extensive commitment and would make a big impact on your health and our global footprint.  It has been relatively easy for me to accomplish this goal each day and I feel much better physically and mentally as a result. Continue reading

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Is it food? [flowchart]

Here is a great guide to help you find real food on your next trip to the supermarket! It’s also rather humorous. Continue reading


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Why do we eat?

Have you ever paused to consider why we eat? Seriously. Why do we consume food? This is a very basic question that deserves a basic answer. Food is fuel for our bodies to survive. We eat out of the requirement to be nourished. But if you observe the seemingly “normal” eating habits most of us exhibit, it unfortunately does not align with the very foundational purpose behind our consumption. Many people treat eating as an indulgent, pleasure-filled activity. Can you relate to this? Of course! We all do this very commonly….dinner dates, birthday parties, religious celebrations, etc. Food draws people together. It is an integral part of family gatherings. All of that being said, taking the very foundation of our consumption for granted (remember the “food is fuel” philosophy), the widespread majority of our food decisions are mistakenly rooted in taste. Imagine that. Continue reading


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