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Is healthy eating an unmanly pursuit?

How come every man who has lost a significant amount of weight has done so through a new exercise regimen? Or so they claim….right?

Be it running, biking, swimming, CrossFit, TRX, P90X, whatever. It’s all a bunch of bull. Just say it man….you lost weight because you started eating better! There, that wasn’t so hard. Was it??

According to a recent Ad Age article, the disproportionate amount of weight-loss industry advertising dollars being spent on women vs. men, is due to man’s misconception about how to get in shape: Continue reading


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Top 10 Packaged Super Foods!

I’m sure everyone agrees that eating raw and natural whole un-processed foods is the optimal source of nutrition.

HOWEVER, there are times when we find ourselves eating food out of packages.  It is inevitable….am I right?

For this reason, I bring you the “Top 10 Packaged Super Foods”.

Here they are, in no particular order: Continue reading


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The 100/0 ratio?

“I work out so that I can eat whatever I want.”

I hear this ALL THE TIME and it makes me laugh.  As if people knowingly abuse their body (create a “health deficit” so to speak) in order to pay it back it later.  It’s like taking out an “IOU” for making a purposely poor eating decision.  Hey, I totally get being indulgent on occasion….I just don’t understand the concept killing yourself at the gym to “un-do” what you put in your mouth each day.

And then are those who work out with the intention of losing weight.  While this is a noble pursuit, many are unfortunately doomed to fail.  You can’t routinely stuff your face and then expect to do an extra 30 minutes on the treadmill to make up for it.  It just won’t work.  Ask anyone who has been successful at losing  weight – particularly those few who have sustained the loss – and they will tell you it’s a combination of exercise AND diet….most likely due in large part to the latter.  Many people who have been successful over the long-term would argue that the ratio is probably 70% diet and 30% exercise…perhaps even as much as 80% diet and 20% exercise.  What if I were to tell you that it’s 100% diet and 0% exercise.  Would you believe me?  I’m not making the argument that exercise is unimportant….to the contrary, there are numerous benefits, including cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, etc.  However, it is an absolute fact that you can certainly lose weight by diet alone.  So could the 100/0 ratio be correct?

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Truthological spirit

Before having to face the consequences of our actions, we must consider the optimal way to proceed.  As it pertains to the human diet, this is my definition of Truthology.  It’s a study of what we should be doing – what is in our best interests – to help guide our decision-making process.  That’s not to say we are forbidden from indulging, but we should do so with complete awareness.  Many people go by the notion of “everything in moderation”, especially when it comes to eating, yet do not fully realize what exactly they are doing in moderation.  What are the long-term effects (to you and the world around you) of what you are doing in moderation?  There are many things that I would never choose to do at all, much less “in moderation”.  It’s very important to be aware of the long-term actions we engage in (both good and bad), so that our results live up to our expectations.

Following is a great article written by Kathy Freston, which was published in the “Healthy Living” section of the Huffington Post.  To me, whether you believe this or not, this embodies the spirit of Truthology.  Continue reading

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Drink ’em if you got ’em

Recent research suggests that obesity has surpassed smoking in terms of ill health effects.

However, consider the disparity in media coverage (i.e. paid television advertising) warning us of the health implications of smoking cigarettes vs. eating junk food.

Having said that…based on statistics alone, is drinking a soda not unlike lighting up a cigarette?  I’m not condoning or disparaging either, I’m just saying they are relatively equal in terms of health effects, so we should be aware of the consequences of our choices.

Here is an interesting chart from the article describing sodas effect on the body: Continue reading

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