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Top 50 people to follow on Twitter

My mission to discover the truth about the human diet, health and longevity is largely influenced by what I read and learn from the people I follow on Twitter.  Following is a list of the Top 50 people I follow, categorized by their area of focus and listed in descending order of followers.  Some names you may recognize and others may be new to you.  Regardless, I trust that you will find their posts as interesting and informative as I do.  Enjoy! Continue reading


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Anyone notice the latest Burger King ad slogan?  “TASTE IS KING”

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Not to worry, this is not an article to bash the menu items at Burger King, namely their deliciously inspired Bacon Sundae pictured above.  No…that would just be too easy and…well, boring.

I’d like to take this opportunity to examine the actual three-word slogan, TASTE IS KING, and propose that it potentially represents the mindset responsible for our declining health in America. Continue reading


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My journey from fat to fit

Life’s most unlikely events will happen when you least expect them. Just when I thought that I had everything under control in my life, something triggered me to make a drastic and immediate change to my eating habits. This change has added years to my life and taken inches off of my waist. My about-face dietary transformation — in the eyes of my former self — can only be described as unorthodox and undesirable. But I now know that change was required and my current overall health is proof positive that the sacrifices were worth it. Following is a phase by phase look at how and why I decided to make a bodyweight and dietary transformation that changed my life for the better. Continue reading…

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Ingredients vs. Calories: The Benefits of Eating Real Food

In my experience, the easiest way to lose weight and obtain optimal health is by eating real food. Forget about the mathematics of the almighty calorie and just focus on eating real foods with healthy ingredients.

What do I mean by real foods? Allow me to provide an example: Continue reading


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