Putt for Dough

Merry Christmas!  2012 is now coming to a close and, if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to come up with a new years resolution.  If your resolution has anything to do with weight loss or health, I have an interesting analogy to share with you below.

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“DRIVE FOR SHOW, PUTT FOR DOUGH” is a very common golf saying which underscores the importance taking a careful conservative approach to the game of golf.  For all non-enthusiasts of golf, the saying means that a 300 yard drive off the tee is of absolutely no significance if you end up 3-putting the hole.  In other words, a booming drive may impress your buddies, but what helps you score well is the finesse of your short game on the green.

As it pertains to my golf game, I’m all about driving for show.  I don’t play often enough to take my score all that seriously – plus, I never wager when playing – so I am all about having fun and trying to smash the ball off the tee.  The only trouble is, when I’m coming out of my shoes trying to hit the cover off the ball, my aim is unquestionably compromised.  And therein lies the meaning of the saying, because it’s much wiser to take a nice easy swing to hit the ball 250 yards on to the center of the fairway, than 300 yards out-of-bounds.

When it comes to my eating habits, however, I’m putting for dough.  For me, the stakes become much more meaningful in the game of health, than in the game of golf.  Metaphorically speaking, I have learned to “control myself on the tee box” when I choose what and where to eat.  I now know that eating a cheeseburger is equivalent to slicing into the rough behind a tree….or eating a piece of cake is like pulling it into the lake.  In my opinion, there is too much recovery involved with playing my game haphazardly, so my choice of shot and club selection is done extremely carefully. 

To determine whether someone will “drive for show” or “putt for dough”, as it pertains to their diet, I suppose it really all comes down to how much a person values health, disease prevention, quality of life and longevity.  If people are too flippant with their tee shots, their (health) score will reflect it.  If people are careful and set themselves up for success in getting to the green in regulation, however, their chance of scoring well (in life) is much greater.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a fantastic 2013!

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