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Chemistry 101

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images

How is your chemistry practice going?  You know you are a chemist, right?  I’m a chemist too.  Everyone…everyone that is old enough to feed themselves, at least….is a chemist.

A chemist is defined as a person engaged in chemical research or experiments.  So think about it….every time you put food into your system, you observe the effects it has on your body and mind (i.e. energy, mood, behavior, appearance, etc).  Whether short-term or long-term effects, the more experience you have with this research, the more sophisticated understanding you have of what works and does not work to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Bearing this philosophy in mind, does it make you feel any differently about eating?  Certainly, there is a direct cause-and-effect relationship between what we put in our mouths and how we look and feel.  This is undeniable.

In my opinion, this emphasizes the importance of scrutinizing and carefully selecting the substances we put in our body.  Next time you prepare a meal, think like the chemist that you are.  Consider your clinical experience (i.e. past research) and then thoughtfully execute your next clinical experiment (i.e. what’s on your plate).

And remember….change happens one experiment at a time.

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My Backyard Farm

In my opinion, there is a lot more to healthy eating than simple calorie counting.  I believe that food source is equally important to our overall well-being.  For example, I purposely avoid animal-based foods that come from a factory farm.  Apart from finding the practices of factory farming objectionable, I feel that they compromise our health, the health of animals and the health of our environment.

Similarly, I make a concerted effort to purchase organic fruits and vegetables, wherever possible.  My family and I frequent our local farmers market to buy organic locally grown produce.  However, this can be a rather costly venture.  For this reason, I have decided to take “local” to the next level in 2013 and create our own backyard farm!

Following are some chronological photos of my D.I.Y. veggie garden “project” this spring season, including some bumps along the way!! Continue reading


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