Life Cleanse

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Photo courtesy of Google Images

First of all, apologies for the brief layoff. I have not contributed to TRUTHOLOGY in more than a month! It has certainly been a busy beginning of summer, no doubt. Very stressful too!!

Speaking of stress, I recently realized that my life is NOT stressful. My job is NOT stressful. My finances are NOT stressful. And my kids are NOT stressful. I’m willing to bet that your life is NOT stressful either….not in the least bit.

I believe that the stress we experience comes from our own personal expectations. Don’t get me wrong….there is nothing wrong with ambition, but when your drive to succeed is measured against your own expectations, many times this can create stress. Essentially, it is the pressure that we put on ourselves to meet our own expectations which makes life stressful….not life itself.

Having said that, I have given much thought to the idea of going on a “cleanse” for the month of July. Only I’m not talking about your standard “Super Juice Cleanse” or “48-Hour Miracle Diet”; what I’m considering is a “Life Cleanse”!

What if, for just one month, I were to live free of all personal expectations. What a refreshing thought! I’m already so careful about what I put in my body on a daily basis, so I can extend this to what I put into my mind. In other words, without changing my ethic and drive one iota….I can simply adjust how I hold myself accountable. Instead of being accountable to my own expectations of future outcomes (which is impossible), accept the results and appreciate them for what they are….which, after all, is the way they were meant to be.

I believe this to be a worthy pursuit in lowering stress levels. Care to join me? Let’s do it!


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2 responses to “Life Cleanse

  1. That is a wonderful idea! We should all partake with you.

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