What comes around goes around

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Photo courtesy of Google Images

I believe that there is a connection between doing the right thing and living a healthy life. As it pertains to eating, I believe that an association exists between making responsible food choices and being physically fit, preventing disease and living longer. I truly believe we have the power to manifest these things through the food choices we make.

Honestly, it took me a while to realize and embrace this concept. When I first started “dieting” a little over 3 years ago, I simply wanted to lose weight.  Plain and simple. I was keenly aware of my daily caloric intake. As many weight-loss gurus profess, so long as you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. There are many successful business models built on this very concept. While I cannot dispute this basic tried-and-true philosophy, I question whether or not the weight loss will guarantee improved overall health. Case in point, a person can go protein-crazy and eat hamburger meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and shed massive amounts of weight. Yes, this person will be missing out on countless nutrients and yes, they will be taxing multiple critical organs and yes, they will be devouring a variety of bacteria, but they may “look better”. Now….will they “feel better” and be a better picture of overall health? I doubt it.

This is why I eventually decided to forget about the almighty calorie altogether and instead concentrate on what I feel I should be putting in my body as optimal fuel. This is the foundation of my dietary practice. This holistic philosophy also represents the lifeblood of my TRUTHOLOGY blog. I genuinely believe there are some universal truths to what I should and should not be doing as it relates to food. I’m not just referring to what I eat, but how and where my food is made as well. While these universal truths I adhere to are based my own personal research and are perhaps not recognized or appreciated on a relatively large-scale, my belief system is supported by the evidence that what we are collectively doing on a mainstream level is far from ideal.

Have you ever stopped to consider – purely hypothetically – that some of the foods we eat, in abundance no less, could potentially be the source of a variety of societal diseases we currently face? We already know and acknowledge that some foods can cause allergies….so why not disease? It is not outlandish to think, judging purely by how highly manipulated our food is these days, that this may be the case. Just think about all of the chemicals and substances we are exposed to and routinely ingest. Conventional produce alone, something generally accepted as “healthy”, is exposed to synthetic fertilizer, pesticides and preservatives. Packaged goods (i.e. the middle aisles of the supermarket) can be considered some of the most egregious offenders, harboring countless unrecognizable and hard-to-pronounce ingredients, none of which are really food to begin with……in the truest sense of the word “food”. And then there is the aforementioned hamburger. I mean….it’s one thing if someone is trapped in the wild and needs to kill and eat an animal for sustenance. But to willingly and routinely consume the ground carcass of beef cows that are confined to overcrowded and unsanitary feedlots, abnormally dining on heaping amounts of genetically modified corn, routinely injected with antibiotics and then murdered at one year old? I can think of a lot of better food choices than that! Again, that burger might be a great low-carb way to lose weight, but could that possibly be ideal for our long-term health? In the same respect, is enslaving and slaughtering cows the right thing for us to be doing in the first place? If so, who decided this was in our best interests and why are we complacently following their lead?  These are the things that cross my mind when I decide what to eat at my next meal.

A disconcerting aspect is how far things have progressed in recent years. Many questionably healthy food substances and practices have become so pervasive and abundant….almost to the point that we must go “out of our way” to avoid them, if we so choose. That is very much the position I find myself in today and it is somewhat of a quandary. I know that I cannot possibly avoid the “offending” foods entirely – especially while eating on the road – but by making educated and concerted food choices at each and every meal, I feel that I can drastically limit my exposure to an accumulation of unwanted toxins that potentially put my long-term health at risk.

To summarize, I want to make it absolutely clear that my statement of “what comes around, goes around” does not imply that people who make poor food choices deserve to be stricken with disease. What I am simply inferring, quite emphatically, is a potential cause and effect relationship between the food choices we make and the health consequences we face. I’m suggesting that we must, at the very least, consider the possibility that disease does not happen purely at random. And if we are at all concerned about some of the recent global health trends and want to improve our own personal health, we must carefully examine the food choices we make and determine what foods can best contribute to our overall health and wellness.

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