Spring Cleaning: Throw away unwanted pounds

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

2014 has been an extremely busy year thus far and I feel like I have been carrying around some extra weight. After hovering around 200 lbs for the past several months, I set a goal earlier this year to reach 190 by this Summer. Despite consistently making quality food choices, limiting my portion sizes and exercising regularly, my weight does not seem to be responding as I have come to expect.

Another current priority of mine is to do some Spring cleaning and part with all of the junk that I do not need or use. As it is, I have a tendency to hold on to things, just in case I will need them in the future. For example, my bedroom closet has triple the amount of clothes that I wear regularly, my home office is a cluttered mess and my garage is a disaster area in need of a complete overhaul. Yes, I have some pack rat type tendencies.  This affliction is a daily source of stress and weighs me down mentally.  I just suddenly had an epiphany the other day….could this be weighing me down physically as well??

Without delving into the science too deeply, there IS an abundance of medical literature demonstrating how hormone levels (i.e. cortisol) are affected when the mind or body is under stress. And chronic stress can cause hormone levels to be off consistently. Apart from hormonal changes influencing appetite and cravings, it is documented that altered hormone levels can affect things such as thyroid function, metabolism, blood-sugar regulation, energy levels, sleep, immunity to infection, among other things. So even if I am successful at eating less and moving more, I wonder if storing all of this unnecessary junk in my house is related to storing unnecessary junk in my body.

So my new game plan is to combine my two priorities of losing weight and cleaning house.  I am pretty confident that it will work!  Number one on my list is to clean out my bedroom closet.  Believe it or not, there is clothing in there from my days at 250+ lbs over 3 years ago.  Unless I plan to return to my former stature, it only makes sense to get rid of these clothes for good.  I bet that cleaning my closet will shave off a good 2-3 lbs.  My office is another ticking time bomb.  I have files and documents in there that could suddenly disappear with no repercussions at all.  I just need to muster up the courage and time to shred and recycle them.  That project should be good for another 2-3 lbs.  Lastly is the garage.  Forget about parking a car in the garage….it is difficult enough to find space for our bikes.  There is so much crap in there that it’s difficult to walk from one side to the other.  Cleaning out the garage should easily take off 5-6 lbs. 

So there you have it.  All things being equal, as it pertains to diet and exercise, I believe that accomplishing my Spring cleaning will take off the extra 10-12 lbs I am carrying around.  It only makes sense that if I let go of the junk that I have been unnecessarily storing in my house, I can finally let go of the extra junk I am storing in my body.  I will Tweet an update on my progress in a couple of months!

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