Last Man On Earth

In anticipation of the LAST MAN ON EARTH, a new TV show on FOX premiering March 1st, I have recently given thought as to what I would do if I were the last man living on earth.

The first thing that comes to mind is something I definitely would LIKE to do….play a round of golf at all of the top courses throughout the world!

But upon more purposeful consideration….what I would NEED to do, before anything else, is release all factory farmed animals worldwide.  I was astonished to learn the other day that 1.2 billion animals are slaughtered EVERY WEEK for human consumption.  That means that, in only one week, more animals are killed for food than the total number of people killed in every war throughout history.  To me, that is truly mind-boggling.

Certainly, if I were the last man living on earth, I could survive on plant-based foods alone.  And I would probably live a LOT longer as a result….to give me ample time to play all of that golf!

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