Find & Follow Your Truth


Four years ago, I began documenting my physical – and very much mental – dietary transformation.  I called it TRUTHOLOGY, because it described my personal quest to discover the optimal human diet.  Over the course of the last few years, I have come to find that there are multiple truths and the optimal human diet is subject to the individual.

When I first decided that my eating habits were well out of sync with my lifespan objectives, I made some very drastic changes to my diet.  These changes were met with criticism, even by people near and dear to me.  I didn’t understand it at the time, but I have a much better perspective now.  Albeit an extreme analogy, I’m sure that my transformation (in the eyes of my family and friends) was similar to Caitlyn Jenner’s.  After all, what business did a beer swilling, barbecue eating, former jock, fraternity guy like me have embracing a Vegan-leaning Mediterranean type of diet??  Easy. I was simply following my path to my own truth.

Since making the big change years ago, I have made some tweaks to my dietary routine along the way.  And I am definitely guilty of loosening the screws every now and then. However, one thing remains constant, and that is my ongoing awareness of what I am eating. I continue to make very deliberate decisions about what I put into my body each day. I believe that we all have the freedom of choice and, among the various things in life that we need to manage, what we consume on a daily basis is firmly within our control.

For example, I make a conscious choice to limit my intake of animal products.  I do this for health reasons and moral reasons alike – which makes perfect sense to me – yet I often feel the need to defend my position when questioned about it.  People sometimes inquire why I choose not to eat beef, pork or dairy products, yet I still eat seafood, poultry and eggs. Similarly, some people don’t seem to understand why I espouse vegan principles, when I do not follow them to the letter myself. It took me a while to answer these questions with complete conviction, but I now realize my answer is that I DO WHAT WORKS FOR ME.  This is my truth and no one else’s.

Suffice it to say, the key to my success has been finding the right balance.  Even if I did follow a strict vegan diet, wouldn’t I be compromising my values by killing a spider that is crawling on my daughter’s bedroom wall? (For the record, I catch and release all spiders….yet I have absolutely zero problem swatting mosquitoes).  My point is that there are no absolutes in life and one must discover what works best for them based on one’s own research, education and informed decision-making process.

For this reason, the insights and experiences that I choose to share with people these days – like my diet – has also undergone transformation. I’m no longer caught up with advancing the “agenda” of what I practice, but instead I try to reach out in a way to help others make purposeful decisions that they are comfortable embracing.  What I share makes sense to me.  Being “right or wrong” is unimportant.  Making conscious decisions is what is important. And so I say, do not proceed blindly, find and follow your truth.

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