About Me

Welcome to truthology.net! I created this blog to share the details of the physical transformation I made by improving my eating habits. My hope is that this blog will motivate others to achieve similar life goals.

A little background on me:

After the birth of my second child in 2010, at the age of 37 years old, I found myself in a position of much-needed change. Standing at 6’1″ and 250 lbs, I was beginning to suffer from several non-communicable diseases, including but not limited to: gastro-esophageal reflux, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, obstructive sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, headaches, stress and anxiety. Fortunately, I was able to quickly align myself with some life-changing people and information. Coupled with the support of my family, I was able to shed 60 lbs in a period of 6 months….and have successfully kept it off since. In the process of doing so, I gladly said farewell to each and every one of the ailments I was formerly suffering from.

Having carried extra weight around for most of my life, I have been on countless diets over the years. As opposed to the many “fad” diets I have tried, what I am doing now is very basic, logical and sustainable. Therein lies the beauty, because anyone can do it and similar results can be achieved. Even if weight-loss is not your primary objective, I believe that the path to optimal health is through nutrition. I now understand and believe in the sage advice from Hippocrates, when he said “Let food be thy medicine…”.

I now strive to adhere to an optimal daily diet. While I find myself making tweaks here and there to my eating habits as I grow further and further away from my years of obesity, I remain firmly committed to the philosophy of eating with meaning and purpose. I refer to this ongoing journey as TRUTHOLOGY and I invite you to join me.

My blog will be updated periodically with some of my abstract perspectives on the human diet. I am not a doctor, nor a nutritionist….I am simply speaking from personal experience.  I trust you will find my posts thought-provoking and I welcome your comments and feedback.

We’re all in this together. Let’s have some fun!


Note: The views expressed on this website are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

20 responses to “About Me

  1. Geoffrey Bossiere

    Looking good Robert!

  2. You look fabulous! Thanks for your visit to The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen and for the follow! I appreciate it & hope I can be of some assistance to you in your journey! Cheers, PK

  3. This is awesome! I love to know people who have succeeded as you have. It’s so inspirational. Congrats on making such positive changes for yourself!

  4. Amen! I too have found that proper nutrition and exercise has changed my life in amazing ways that no one (at least not experts) would believe. Go man go!

  5. Audra Gans

    Thanks Robert for your information and sharing your transformation! You look fantastic and I’m glad you’re making your achievements public. I have been working on my habits too and will use some of your best practices for my journey!

  6. Fantastic!! Amazing what the right food and exercise can do for us – you did it! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story 🙂

  7. Dr. Alfonso Vergara

    Bravo Rob, keep up the good work. if you have a chance, check out Dr. Wayne Dyer’s philosophy, it will strengthen you life mission and your purpose.
    Much Love & Light

  8. Coco

    I love it! I am going to share your blog on my page!

  9. Kathryn@HealthyBalancedFuture.com

    Good for you! You are an inspiration!

  10. Robert,
    Your journey and commitment are exceptional. I also greatly respect that you tell people about your success, how it worked for you, and acknowledge that you are not a professional. Many people offering BAD advice, claim to be experts, when they truly can cause harm and they are no more educated in nutrition than the plumber. As a professional, I am always having to respond to these weird, lose weight quick schemes and challenged by those who believe in them.
    Your “recipe” is indeed healthy and I applaud you for doing the work to learn how to be healthy, AND doing it! Your children will be grateful to have yo around and healthy when they celebrate their life’s occasions.
    would be happy to link your blog to my site if I could only figure out what to do! Keep up the good work.

    • Debbie,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I always preface my claims by saying this is what “worked for me”, or “in my experience”. By no means do I think there’s a one-size-fits-all approach. Having said that, I do genuinely believe that our food system has evolved in a manner which is putting many people unknowingly at risk. Fortunately, there are some incredibly basic modifications people can make to achieve significant health benefits. I figure if my blog can help a few people out there live longer and healthier lives, then it’s all worth it for me!

      I will check out your site right now. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a very nice comment. I appreciate it!


      • I KNOW you will have a significant impact on your readers. You will inspire them. You will also be around for your family – which is the second most important thing after taking care of yourself.

  11. Manuel Ortiz

    Robert – I applaud your achievements in weight loss and life style changes.
    After tweaking my back in Feb 2012, I doubled down and did my first triathlon at the ripe age of 55! I hope to see you soon & pick up some diet tips! Manny Mo

  12. What a wonderful idea, to share your personal transformation. These types of sharing can certainly inspire others!

  13. Jenni

    Congratulations, you look great, and I bet you feel better too. I’m just at the start of my journey. Although I’ve done it once before 10 years ago, so I know I can do it …. it’s keeping it off for me that’s the problem.

    • Thank you Jenni! I’m right there with you, having done it before (in various iterations). I must admit, however, this experience has been far different from any “diet” I have done in the past. Going on 3 years here soon, I can honestly say that eating REAL FOOD has its merits! Good luck!!

  14. Ruth Oleggi

    I searched my name and it sent me here! Your a handsome man now and not so before. This is interesting to find you here. I will comeback and Thank You.

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