As specified in my “About Me” page, I have been fortunate enough to align myself with some life-changing people and information over the past couple years. Without their support and encouragement, my physical transformation would not have taken place, and for that, they deserve special thanks!

Juan Posada, MD (San Jose, CA) – At my heaviest, I told Dr. Posada I would be happy to live until the age of 85. He smiled empathetically and told me I’d be better off planning for 60-65. This was a wake-up call and I appreciate it.

John Roberts, MD (Blackhawk Medical Group) – It was during my 2010 annual physical that I asked Dr. Roberts to refer me to a “nutritionist”. He sent me across the hall and I got WAY more than I bargained for, and I cannot thank him enough. He also happens to be one of the most gentle, caring and intelligent doctors I have ever met.

Pamela McDonald, NP (Penscott Medical) – Based on the referral of Dr. Roberts, I began seeing Pam and discovered “The Perfect Gene Diet”. Beyond simply learning the best foods to eat for my ApoE gene type, Pam was (and continues to be) a never-ending source of thought-leading information. The way in which I now view the world was greatly influenced by Pam’s tutelage.

Lisa Radden – There is no way I could have done this without the support of my family, particularly my lovely wife Lisa. Thank you for being conscious about the meals you prepare for our family. I love you and I love that we are teaching our children about nutrition, health and eating responsibly.

4 responses to “Thanks

  1. Jason Plaisted

    I think the key ingredient for you is a loving wife who is willing to take care of you and help get what you need for a healthier life. Nevermind the healthcare practitioners who didn’t come cheaply plus a diet that requires careful thought and preperation and also not inexpensive. What do you recommend for a single guy who doesn’t cook or have anyone to cook for him nor does he have health insurance and often eats on the run?

    • All of the above mentioned people were instrumental to my success. I do agree that having my wife there to support me 24/7 has been especially helpful. My advice for someone who is single, doesn’t cook and often eats on the run? I would recommend making some lifestyle modifications! Is there a reason why you do not cook, eat on the run, etc? Can those things be modified and/or improved upon? If not, you should do some research on restaurants in your area that serve food with healthy and responsible ingredients and patronize them. You may spend a little more to dine there, but I’d say it’s a worthy investment. Start slow by modifying one meal a day and see if it makes you feel better. Finally, I think it’s important that you seek the advice of a medical provider (i.e for a physical exam) just so that you are aware of how your body is doing and exactly what type of dietary changes are recommended. For me, it was primarily the avoidance of foods with saturated fats and cholesterol. Good luck!!

  2. Sophia Renee Thomas

    You Look Great & sound HAPPY!!

  3. Ruth Oleggi

    Thank you Robert. It is thanks for you.

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