My Diet

Here is a top-line summary of my diet.


– Fruits (organic, wherever possible)

– Vegetables (organic, wherever possible)

– Whole grains (wheat bread, brown rice, etc)

– Nuts/Seeds (almonds, peanuts, pistachios, etc)

– Beans/Legumes (black beans, chickpeas, etc)

– Fish (wild caught, wherever possible)

– Chicken (free range, wherever possible)

– Egg whites (cage free, wherever possible)

– Tofu and other soy products (organic, wherever possible)

– Oils and sauces (i.e. olive oil for cooking and/or flavor, salt, pepper, vinegar, hot sauce and organic ketchup)

– Dark chocolate (on occasion)


– Water

– Wine

– Organic orange juice w/ added calcium

– Beer (on occasion)


– Animal protein, except fish and chicken (i.e. no red meat, pork, etc).

– Dairy (i.e. milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, etc).

– Soda, fruit juices, coffee, tea and any other drinks not listed above

– Sweets, candy and/or anything with added sugars

– “Foods” with ingredients I do not recognize and/or highly processed

I also try to eat more frequently with smaller portions.  So instead of 3 large meals per day, I typically eat 6 small/medium meals per day, equally spaced apart.


9 responses to “My Diet

  1. Sean A Eddy

    Hello sir I’ve just come across your blog here and I am exactly you only before you started. I’m looking at your avoid list (for foods) and why is tea on there? I do not drink tea with any kind of sweeteners is it ok to drink that way, or not??

    • Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your question. The list of foods you are referencing is what I personally choose to avoid; that does not mean that it pertains to everyone. So I’m afraid that I’m not in a position to answer yes or no to what is best for you. Having said that, the reason I do not drink tea has less to do with it’s health benefits/drawbacks, but because I try to avoid caffeine. Hope this helps and thanks again for reaching out!

      • There are SO many teas out there that are not caffeinated and offer up important nutrients and flavor. It seems like you are cutting off your nose to spite your face. Having had a lot of chemistry background and studying teas for many years this is confusing to me!

      • Thank you for your comment. It is apparent from the responses here that I have upset the “tea party”. Seriously though, this page simply serves as a reference for what I eat and do not eat….by no means am I making any scientific claims beyond the changes I have noticed to my own well-being. I am sure there are many benefits to tea, as well as some other foods I do not eat, and my list is not intended to disparage. Hope this makes sense. Thanks again for visiting!

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this. I just stumbled through, but I will definitely subscribe to your blog. I am struggling with weight loss myself and appreciate all the advice I can get.

  3. Jen

    Love reading about your journey. So, what is the final verdict on soy? Good or bad? I hear very differing views on it. Also, are milk substitutes (soy, rice, coconut) OK? Is carageenan (sp?) OK?

    • Great questions, especially re: soy, which seems to be in the news daily. While I cannot claim that my views are “right or wrong”, I can certainly offer you my opinions. I try to stick to whole soy foods, which utilize the entire bean in its natural state. Examples of this are edamame (soy beans), miso, tofu, etc. I do not drink milk substitutes and I do not eat foods that contain carrageenan. Thanks for your comment!

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