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Holiday Hoopla


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Despite a six-month writing slump, I remain as Truthologic as ever, and would like to share with you some thoughts as we enjoy this year-end holiday season. By no means do I want to put a damper on your celebration; I am simply serving up some food for thought as we give pause and gear up for the new year ahead.

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The reason I stopped PORKING OUT

From time to time, I am asked why I don’t eat pork tenderloin. After all, from a nutritional standpoint, it is comparable to a skinless chicken breast. So if it’s a relatively low-calorie lean source of protein, why do I choose to avoid it?

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Anyone notice the latest Burger King ad slogan?  “TASTE IS KING”

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Not to worry, this is not an article to bash the menu items at Burger King, namely their deliciously inspired Bacon Sundae pictured above.  No…that would just be too easy and…well, boring.

I’d like to take this opportunity to examine the actual three-word slogan, TASTE IS KING, and propose that it potentially represents the mindset responsible for our declining health in America. Continue reading


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