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Mind the odds

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Photo courtesy of Google Images

This year’s football season is now in full swing.  If you are like me, you are celebrating this time of year by participating in NFL survivor pools, fantasy football leagues, etc.  These weekly wagering moments can be awfully challenging, because they pose multiple difficult decisions.  Invariably, the safest thing to do each week is to use the established odds to your advantage.  In the survivor pool, I typically pick the team that is favored to win by the greatest margin, based on the Las Vegas point spread.  In the fantasy league, I routinely start the players who are projected to score the most points, based on the analysis and opinions of the professionals.  Once in a while I will deviate from this strategy, but this is a rare occurrence and it is the exception to the rule.  More often than not, I choose to go with expert opinions.

Now consider this very same scenario as it pertains to eating.  I believe that there is a strategy to eating and I believe that there is such a thing as eating with the odds, so to speak. Continue reading

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Top 5 tips to prevent disease and promote wellness

1. The state of being free from illness or injury.
2. Something we can largely influence through the foods we eat.

Okay, so I made up the second one. Having said that, I believe it is true!

Here are the “Top 5 tips” I often share with people who ask me for advice on how to modify their diet to prevent disease and promote wellness. In my experience, dramatically positive results can be achieved by adhering to as little as 1-2 of these tips. It took me several months to incorporate all 5, so a gradual approach to adopting them is very logical and practical. Continue reading


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