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The 40 Year Old Vegan?

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Those of you who follow Truthology know that I have recently adopted more of a plant-based diet. What you may not know, however, is that I have considered switching to a strictly vegan diet on my 40th birthday, which occurs one month from today.

Meanwhile, over the past few months, I have been experiencing a variety of unique symptoms that are interfering with my quality of life. Symptoms have all been mild and transient, but have included headache, dizziness, fatigue and sleep disturbances.

I could have easily passed all of these off as stress-related symptoms – and I’m not denying that stress probably has a lot to do with them – but after having done some extensive research on the mix of symptoms I was experiencing, I came to the conclusion that I was suffering from a Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Since all of the symptoms I described above are consistent with a B12 deficiency, I asked my doctor to write me a lab order to have my blood drawn. The very next day, I found out that I was in fact below the normal range for Vitamin B12. Continue reading


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Truthological spirit

Before having to face the consequences of our actions, we must consider the optimal way to proceed.  As it pertains to the human diet, this is my definition of Truthology.  It’s a study of what we should be doing – what is in our best interests – to help guide our decision-making process.  That’s not to say we are forbidden from indulging, but we should do so with complete awareness.  Many people go by the notion of “everything in moderation”, especially when it comes to eating, yet do not fully realize what exactly they are doing in moderation.  What are the long-term effects (to you and the world around you) of what you are doing in moderation?  There are many things that I would never choose to do at all, much less “in moderation”.  It’s very important to be aware of the long-term actions we engage in (both good and bad), so that our results live up to our expectations.

Following is a great article written by Kathy Freston, which was published in the “Healthy Living” section of the Huffington Post.  To me, whether you believe this or not, this embodies the spirit of Truthology.  Continue reading

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